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VARNISH SCRATCH RESISTANCE EN 438-2: 2005 (26) (adapted)

 1.1 Contrast medium
 1.2 Cotton fabric
 1.3 Scratch testing apparatus
 1.4 Viewing enclosure
 1.5 Electronic balance

1*100x100 mm
Wipe the sample with cotton fabric impregnated with a solvent such as acetone. Once cleaned, the tested surface should not be fingered

Temperature: 23 (+/- 2) °C
Relative humidity: 50 (+/-5) %

4.1 Condition the samples for minimum 72 hours
4.2 Make sure the stand of the apparatus is standing horizontally. Adjust the height of the arm so that it is horizontal when the diamond point rests on the sample
4.3 Start the test by making 2 scratches at 1.0 N load with a spacing of 1 mm to 2 mm between the scratch marks

4.4 On the same sample, repeat this procedure with loads of 2.0, 4.0 and 6.0 N, leaving a space of 3 mm to 5 mm between each pair of scratches

4.5 Remove the sample from the apparatus and rub the entire scratch area of the surface with a  suitable contrast medium so that it is engrained in any scratches
4.6 Carefully wipe the surface with clean cotton fabric to remove any excess contrast medium which is not engrained in the scratches
4.7 Place the sample against the centre support in the viewing enclosure in a position so that the specimen can be viewed at right angles to the plane of the surface

4.8 Examine the surface to determine the lowest load for which an almost continuous (>90%) double circle of scratch marks can be seen

The scratch resistance of the sample shall be expressed in accordance with the following rating scale:


Discontinuous scratches, or faint superficial marks, or no visible marks

> or = to 90% continuous double circle of scratch marks clearly visible

Rating 5

6 N

> 6N

Rating 4

4 N

6 N

Rating 3

2 N

4 N

Rating 2

1 N

2 N

Rating 1


1 N


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