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MOISTURE CONTENT EN 13183-1:2002 (adapted)

1.1 Balance accurate to 0.1 gr., if the mass of the test slice is likely to be more than 100 gr in an oven dry state
1.2 Balance accurate to 0.01 gr., if the mass of the test slice is likely to be less than 100 gr in an oven dry state
1.3 Equipment for drying wood, ensuring free internal circulation of air and capable of maintaining a temperature of (103+/-2) C

1*min. 20 x width mm

The sample should be cross full section at min 300 mm from either end of the test piece, or at the mid point if the piece is less than 600 mm long. The sample shall be free from resin wood, barks, knots, resin pockets, etc.

3.1 Weight the sample immediately after cutting it from the board. Otherwise, keep the sample in a sealed container until you can weigh it

3.2 Dry the sample at (103+/-2) C until the difference in mass between two successive weigh measurements separated by an interval of min. 2 hours is less than 0.1%. In case of high density samples, the time interval should be increased to 4 hours

3.3 Calculate the moisture content, w, as a percentage by mass using the formula:  w=((m1-m0)/m0)*100, where:

  • m1 is the mass of the sample before drying, in grams;
  • m0 is the mass of the oven dry sample, in grams;
  • w is the moisture content expressed in percentage
The result should be rounded to the nearest 0.1%

Passing requirement per the sales contract

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