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VARNISH HARDNESS - ASTM D 3363:2000 (adapted)

1.1 A set of calibrated drawing leads (preferred) or equivalent DERWENT drawing pencils meeting the following scale of hardness:
1.2 Mechanical lead holder
1.3 Mechanical sharpener, draftsman-style
1.4 Abrasive paper, grit No. 400

Any conveniently sized sample, coated as agreed between the purchaser and the seller

Temperature: 23 (+/- 2) °C
Relative humidity: 50 (+/-) 5%

4.1 For wood pencils, remove approximately 5 to 6 mm of wood from the point of each pencil using a draftsman-style mechanical sharpener, being careful to leave an undisturbed, unmarked, smooth cylinder of lead. For drawing leads, hold the pencil holder at an angle of 90 ° to the abrasive paper, rub the lead against the paper maintaining an exact angle of 90 ° until a flat, smooth and circular section is obtained

4.2 Place the sample on a perfectly horizontal surface
4.3. Hold the hardest lead/pencil firmly at a 45 degree angle with the tip against the film (point away from the operator) and push away from the operator for about 6.5 mm. Sufficient force should be used to either cut or scratch the film or to break the lead tip

4.4 Repeat the process down the hardness scale until a lead/pencil is found which will not cut through the film to the substrate for a distance of at least 3 mm
4.5 Continue the process until a lead/pencil is found which will neither cut through nor scratch the surface of the film. Any defacement of the film other than a cut (gouge) will be considered a scratch
4.6 Record each end point for gouge and scratch hardness
4.7 Make a minimum of two determinations for gouge hardness and scratch hardness

Passing requirement per the sales contract

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