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RESISTANCE TO CIGARETTE BURNS EN 13329:2006 (4.2) and EN 438-2:2005 (30) (adapted)

1.1 Pale tobacco filter-tipped cigarette, kept in the conditioning chamber for 24 hours prior to testing. The cigarette shall meet the following criteria:
  Tar: 11-12 mg
  Nicotine: 0.9-1.0 mg
  Mass: 0.97 +/-0.03 gr.
  Overall length: 83+/- 2 mm
  Filter length: 25+/-1 mm
1.2 Ethanol
1.3 Soft cloth


1 230 (+/- 5) mm sample preconditioned for at least 72 hours at 23 (+/-2) °C and 50 (+/-) 5 % relative humidity


3.1 Ignite the cigarette and let it burn for about 10 mm
3.2 Place the burning cigarette fully on the sample, with the glue seem facing upwards (not in contact with the sample)
3.3 Wait for the cigarette to burn an additional 20 mm

3.4 Remove the cigarette and then clean the combustion residue with a soft cloth moistened with ethanol
3.5 Visually inspect and check for discoloration, cracks, blisters, etc.
3.6 Rate the sample’s resistance to cigarette burns(click on the links below to see pictures of the different rates) :
 Rating 5: no visible change
 Rating 4: slight change of gloss only visible at certain viewing angles and/or slight brown stain
 Rating 3: moderate change of gloss and/or moderate brown stain
 Rating 2: severe brown mark but no destruction of the surface
 Rating 1: blistering and/or cracks

Classification minimum requirements:
 Class 21 (AC1): no requirement
 Class 22 (AC2), 23 (AC3), 31 (AC3), 32 (AC4) and 33 (AC5): ≥ 4
 Class 34 (AC6): 5

Passing requirement per the contract

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