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IMPACT RESISTANCE (large ball) EN 13329:2006 (annex F) and EN 438:2005 (22) (adapted)

1.1 Impact apparatus

1.2 Overhead white fluorescent lights with bulb(s) parallel to the line of sight and providing an intensity of 800 to 1100 Lux on the specimen surface
1.3 Polished stainless steel ball (42.8 +/- 2 mm in diameter and 324 +/-5 g)
1.4 A flexible extruded polyethylene foam sub-layer of 3 (+/-0.5) mm thickness, and with a density of 25 (+/-5) Kg/m3
1.5 Black, water washable marking pen (suitable for overhead transparencies)
1.6 A clean, damp, soft, white cloth

5  180 x 180 mm samples (or nominal width) from 5 different boards

The samples shall be preconditioned for 72 hr in a 23+/-2 ˚C and 50+/-5% relative humidity environment, and then tested in the same environment

4.1 Place the sample on underlayment foam of similar size as the sample
4.2 Loosely clamp the sample and the underlayment with the jig

4.3 Drop the ball from any arbitrary height above the sample, making sure the ball only impacts once on the sample surface
4.4 Impacts shall be at a minimum 50 mm apart and 50 mm from any edge of the sample
4.5 Use the marking pen to ink over impact points. Use the cloth to wipe each impact point. Fractures may appear as hairline cracks, concentric circles, or chips

4.6 Examine the impact spot for cracks or fractures

4.7 Raise or lower the drop height as necessary and repeat steps 4.4-4.6 until the maximum height at which no cracks/fractures or imprints larger than 10 mm diameter occur is determined
4.8 Record the results of each test and calculate the average to the nearest 50 mm

Classification minimum requirements:

Class 21 (AC1)-22 (AC2)-23 (AC3) and 31 (AC3): Impact Class 1
Class 32 (AC4): Impact Class 2
Class 33 (AC5): Impact Class 3
Class 34 (AC6): Impact Class 4

The classification system is based on a combination of the results of the large-diameter ball test and the small-diameter ball test

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