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THICKNESS SWELLING - EN 13329:2006 (4.2 and annex G) (adapted)


1.1 water bath large enough to ensure a constant water level and capable of maintaining the water temperature at 20 (+/-1) ˚C
1.2 A micrometer with flat and parallel circular measuring surfaces of at least 5 mm diameter, with an accuracy of +/- 0.05 mm


2 150 (+/-1) mm x 50 (+/-1) mm samples from a laminate flooring board, one in the length direction and one in the width direction. If the nominal width w of the laminate floor covering is less than 150 mm, the test specimen shall measure w +/- 1 mm x 50 (+/-1) mm

3.1 Determine the initial thickness (Tin) of the samples perpendicular on the extreme edges at the six points indicated in the figure below

3.2 Place the 2 test specimens in the water bath as illustrated in the figure below


3.3 Remove the test specimens after 24 h +/- 15 min. and dry them with a towel.

3.4 Determine the final thickness (Tfin) of the samples perpendicular on the extreme edges at the same six measuring points

3.5 Record all values and determine the differences between initial and corresponding final values. Calculate for each pair of values the thickness swelling in % according to the formula:


3.6 Express as the result the average thickness swelling, using the individual thickness swelling results from six measuring points, in % to nearest 0.1%.


Classification minimum requirements:

Class 21 (AC1), 22 (AC2) and 23 (AC3) ≤ 20%
Class 31 (AC3), 32 (AC4) and 33 (AC5) ≤ 18%
Class 34 (AC6) ≤ 8%

Assessment of test results the contract


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