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1.1 Climate chamber with an air circulation system

1.2 Balance accurate to 0.01 gr.
1.3 Vernier caliper
1.4 Micrometer

10 x 580 mm long samples taken from 2 different boxes. Profiles in the short ends should be cut off. Record weight, length, width, tongue length, groove depth, cupping and defects before testing

Temperature: 20 (+/- 2) °C
Relative humidity: 65 (+/- 5) %; 17 (+/-5) %

4. TESTING PROCEDURE(testing conditions and cycles can be adapted)
4.1 Place the samples on the climate chamber shelves making sure there is minimum 50 mm free space from any sample edge

4.2 Set the climate chamber at a 65 (+/-5) % relative humidity and keep the samples in this environment for 14 days. At the end of the 14 days, record weight, length, width, tongue length ,groove depth, cupping
4.3 Set the climate chamber at 17 (+/-5) % relative humidity and keep the samples in this environment for 28 days

4.4 During the 42 days testing time, check every 24 hours for defects (gaps between lamellas; surface cracks; delamination; etc.). On the first day a defect appears on a given board, record its weight

4.5 At the end of the 42 days, record weight, length, width,tongue length ,groove depth, and any possible cupping
4.6 Dry the samples at 103 (+/-3) °C until the weight is stable and thus calculate original MC and MC at the time when defects started appearing
4.7 Record all data

The climate test gives a good indication of wood flooring behavior under severe changes in relative humidity. Obviously, flooring which cracks, delaminates, etc. soon after relative humidity is adjusted to 17% will present a serious risk in countries with long, cold and dry winters (such as Scandinavia, Canada or parts of USA), especially if installed on under floor heating.
Given that the climate test stresses wood flooring for a rather long period of time, it provides a good indication of wood flooring comparative quality.

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