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VARNISH ABRASION RESISTANCE (SIS Grit Feeder System) - EN 13696:2009 (adapted)

1.1 Balance accurate to 0.1 g
1.2 Taber abrader
1.3 An appropriate grit feeder
1.4 S-41 grit (45- 75 µm)
1.5 S-38 grit test plate
1.6 An appropriate set of wheels (44.4 mm diameter;12.7 mm width)
1.7 S-39 leather strips (12.7 mm wide; minimum 1.5 mm thick)
1.8 Two 1,000 g weights
1.9 An appropriate vacuum system

3*100x100 mm samples
A 6+/-0.5 mm hole shall be bore in the middle of each sample
16 sectors of equivalent size shall be drawn on the samples’ surfaces

Temperature: 23 (+/- 2) °C
Relative humidity: 50 (+/-) 5%

4.1 Make sure the grit flows at a rate of 21+/-3 g per 60 cycles
4.2 Roughen the leather with sand paper #240

4.3 Weigh a new S-38 plate (W1)

4.4 Fix the S-38 plate on the abrader and run the system for 2,000 cycles

4.5 Clean the S-38 plate and weigh it again (W2).
4.6 Calculate W1-W2
4.7 Perform the above with another 2 S-38 plates
4.8 The abrading capacity is considered acceptable if a) the average loss of mass is (127.5 +/- 10) mg and b) no individual measurement is beyond the range (127.5+/-18) mg
4.9 Clamp the conditioned sample on the supporting disc

4.10 Start the test

4.11 Inspect the samples every 200 cycles (r). When the test nears its end, inspect after every 100 r

4.12 The test is ended when the following are met:
a) The surface is worn through in 12 of 16 sectors; and
b) The surface is worn through in one sector of each quadrant

(Worn through spots can be ascertained with the help of a contrast marking solution)

4.13 Average the three samples’ results

Acceptable: 1,200-2,000 r
Good: 2,000-4,000 r
High: > 4,000 r

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